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Spreedly helps marketplaces that need to work with multiple payment end points by providing a gateway-agnostic vault (our API supports 100+ gateways in over 100 countries) and the…


In Payments has an API for marketplaces that enables them to use Digital Checks to make payments online without having to write paper Checks. It also enables Marketplaces to…


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Square allows you to sell online on our site, with third party e-commerce sites and on your own site. With all three, you get next day deposits, can…


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Dwolla has a powerful and flexible solution for ACH marketplace payouts and transfers. It can be difficult to manage merchants or service providers, but it doesn’t have to…


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End-to-end payment technology for marketplaces and crowdfunding. Third party payments specialist Worldwide web & mobile payments Complete white-label solution → Check out MangoPay


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WePay provides functionality for everything your platform needs related to payments. And we do it in a way that’s completely free of risk, easily. → Check out WePay


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Payoneer Escrow for Marketplaces. Secure transactions between buyers and sellers. Enable your buyers and sellers to transact securely through escrow payments right on your marketplace site. Our flexible…


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Split Payments, Simply. A marketplace business provides a common platform for buying and selling, while also managing payments and payouts for sub-merchants. If your business acts as an…

Paypal Mass Pay API

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An owner of an online marketplace, where goods and services are bought and sold by providers, is looking for a payment system to split payments received with sellers…

Stripe Connect

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Everything marketplaces and platforms need to get users paid. Use Connect to spin up accounts and enable payments for your sellers, vendors, contractors, or fleet—with as much custom…